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Trust Services

Trusts can play an important role in a client’s planning when set up appropriately. They remain a popular structure for private clients, and can provide excellent flexibility through their ability to hold a wide range of assets. Depending upon the desired outcome by the client, they can be used to good effect in a wide range of circumstances.

Asset Preservation

Trusts can offer individuals and families a means of preserving and protecting a wide range of assets. Structured correctly, a trust may have benefits including asset protection in the event of the breakdown of a relationship; ensuring provision for children can be made without giving them those assets outright; or allowing the ownership of family businesses to continue for generations to come.

Succession Planning

Trusts may play a significant role in multi-generational succession planning to manage how assets and money should be preserved for many years in the future. For families with significant wealth, trusts can offer a long-term solution to ensure the financial security of a family’s assets both now and for the future. They can also provide excellent flexibility to accommodate future changes in the family.

Tax Efficiency

Depending on the nature of the assets involved, trusts can provide a tax-efficient way of holding assets (either on their own or in conjunction with a corporate entity). In particular, trusts are commonly used for Inheritance Tax purposes, especially in the context of family or other trading businesses. Trust law has changed extensively over time, but with appropriate advice they can remain a useful part of a family’s tax and succession considerations. For clients who are non-UK resident or non-UK domiciled, we can advise on the appropriateness of either UK or non-UK trusts. This is a particularly complex area, but our team are exceptionally well-experienced in this regard.

Types of trust

Trusts can be constructed in various ways under English law, each with their own characteristics. The most appropriate type of trust will depending on individual clients’ circumstances and objectives, but may include

  • Discretionary Trusts
  • Interest in Possession Trusts
  • Bare Trusts
  • 18-25 Trusts and Bereaved Minor Trusts
  • Trusts for Vulnerable Beneficiaries
  • Non-UK Trusts

How we help our clients

Whatever the type and purpose of the trust, we are able to provide a complete end-to-end service that allows it to run smoothly and efficiently

Our trust services include:

  • Establishment of trusts
  • Provision of suitable corporate trustees
  • Establishment of Private Trust Companies
  • Full bookkeeping and trust compliance service
  • Annual review of the trust and associated structures
  • Proactive engagement with beneficiaries

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